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Updated for: Chapter 641 – “What Are You?”

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Brook vs ZeoFranky vs IkarosChopper vs DosunUssop vs DarumaSanji and Jinbe vs WadatsumiZoro vs HyouzouWho will Nami and Robin be matched up with?
With Hody’s coup successful, how will the Ryuuguu government regain control of the kingdom?
UPDATE: – Hody has been defeated, only his accomplices remain.
Is Luffy really the culprit of Madame Shirley’s prediction?
> “Fishman Island will be destroyed by ‘a human wearing a straw hat’!?”—Madame Shirley
– UPDATE: Luffy is trying to destroy the Noah, not Fishman Island. Was Madame Shirley’s prediction a misinterpretation?
▪ If so, how will Big Mam react?
Where on Fishman island  is “Mermaid Kidnapper” Caribou?
Last sighting: He has set his eyes on Princess Shirahoshi as his next target…
Is Caribou’s crew still alive?
Where and from whom did the New Fishman Pirates acquire the “energy steroids”?
– Hody obtained them while he was still in the Neptune army.
Whereabouts of the former Fishman Pirates who left Fishman Island together with Jinbe.
Will Luffy actually manage to bring the Princess home by dinner time?
Who is “Joyboy” mentioned on the Fishman Island Poneglyph’s “apology letter”?
Is the “Tamatebako” real and if so, how can it make people age faster than natural?
– Possibly a devil-fruit ability?
NEW: What does Sanji and Jinbe plan to do with the comically large Wadatsumi?
What sneaky trap has Usopp set up to take out Daruma in only 3 moves?
How will Decken’s incoming island-destroying ship projectile, Noah, be dealt with?
UPDATE: – Luffy plans to destroy it before it hits the island.
What’s the problem with Nami’s Log Pose?
> “You’ll never get to the New World with a simple Log Pose like that! Ignorant pirates!”—Minister of the Left
Will Franky make use of the “Sunlight Tree Eve”?
– It may be related to the “Treasure Tree Adam”.
What is the significance behind the giant ship, Noah, and why mustn’t it be moved until the “the day that needs to come“?
> “Our distant ancestors also attempted [to befriend the humans]! It was a wasted dream that ended in regret.”—King Neptune
> “Until the day it needs to come! It must absolutely not be moved!!!”—King Neptune
Who is this “great man” the Fishman Island ancestors made a promise with?
> “Centuries ago, a promise was made with a ‘great man’”–King Neptune
Is Haoshoku Haki related to Princess Shirahoshi’s legendary ability to communicate with the Sea Kings?
Will we see Koala again in the present day?
Who is the mysterious figure destined to, one day, guide Princess Shirahoshi and “change the world”?


Void Century and the True History
What is on the Poneglyphs?
World-destroying Ancient Weapons?
– Currently known: Pluton & Poseidon.
What was the Ancient Kingdom?
What is the “Will of D”?
What secrets are the World Government (WG) trying to hide?
– Why do they fear the deciphering of the Poneglyphs?
Gol D. Roger’s History
What is Gol D. Roger’s ability to hear “the Voice of All Things”?
Why did he give his straw hat to Shanks?
– Does the straw hat precede even Gol D. Roger?
Did Roger have a Devil Fruit?
Origin of the Devil Fruits and how do they work?
> Oda stated in an SBS that a “certain doctor” will explain what Devil Fruits really are.


Monkey D. Luffy
Become pirate king.
Meet Shanks and return his hat.
Find the All-Blue.
Tony Tony Chopper
Become a doctor that can cure any illness.
What is the only form Chopper must use a Rumble Ball for?
– Update: Chopper can now control his Monster Point. Is this his ultimate form?
Nico Robin
What did she learn from the revolutionaries?
Reunite with Laboon.
Roronoa Zoro
Is his left eye actually useless?
Finish her world map.
Meet his father Yassop.
Meet with Elbaf Giants again (in the New World)?
Will we see his friend, Sogeking, again?

Did Franky add any other upgrades to the Sunny?

Who will be the 10th Strawhat?
Has any Strawhat developed Haki over the timeskip?


Gorosei, the World Leaders, at Mariejois.
What will happen to the Marines as the two viewpoints (True Justice vs. Absolute Justice) collide?
Relation to Dr. Tsukimi (Moonwatcher)?
Coby and his dream of becoming Admiral.
– His new Haki development…
After Sengoku’s resignation, who is the current Fleet Admiral?
Possibly Admiral Aokiji?
> “For my successor as Fleet Admiral, I would like to nominate Aokiji”—Sengoku to Supreme Commander Kong
Smoker’s manhunt for the Strawhats.


Who will replace Blackbeard, Jinbe, and Moriah as Shichibukai?
Where is Gekko Moriah?
– He managed to escape from Doflamingo, but his current whereabouts are unknown.
What does the mysterious “X” mark on both Mihawk’s and Doflamingo’s arms represent?
What is Doflamingo’s shady deal with the World Government?
What is Crocodile’s secret weakness that he doesn’t want Iva to reveal?
Why did Bartholomew Kuma, an undercover Revolutionary agent, fully submit to the WG?


The balance between the remaining Yonkou: Shanks, Charlotte “Big Mam” Linlin, & Kaido.  
Who will replace Whitebeard as the next Yonkou?
Marshall D. Teach“Blackbeard” 
How was he able to use two devil fruits?
“Chimera Theory” a possibility?
How did Blackbeard inflict Shank’s scar?
UPDATED TO: How did Blackbeard manage to harm Shanks, a high-level Yonkou, with a meager claw?
Lola gave a piece of her mom’s Vivre Card to Nami.
1) They both have similar noses.
2) Lola has big lips similar to Big Mam’s jolly roger.
3) Lola was also born in the New World where her says her pirate mother still resides.
Why did Trafalgar Law risk his own crew’s life to save Luffy?
> “[Trafalgar Law] is infamous for his cruelty, ya know!”—Scratchmen Apoo
Future of the Whitebeard Pirates?
Buggy the Clown and his newfound crew of devoted Impel Down inmates.
What is on that shocking letter Buggy received from the World Government?
– Possibly an offer to become a Shichibukai?
Has Buggy found anything with Captain John’s treasure map?
Is “Mr. 2” Bon Kurei still alive?
What was the enormous floating object that sucked up Capone Bege’s ship in the New World?
Why did she cry when Whitebeard was stabbed by Squardo?
– Possible connection with Whitebeard in the past?
Why does she hold a heavy grudge towards the WG?


What is Enel’s ambition?
How will he use his new Spacey army?
Does the “Emerald City” exist?
> “The Lost City of Gold!? The Emerald City!? The Great Treasure of ‘One Piece’!? The fools who go after their ‘dream treasure’ can’t notice the real treasure all around them!”—Bellamy
What is the mysterious thing we saw hidden in the mist near Thriller Bark?
Who is the person sharing a drink with Crocus?
– Possibly Calico Yorki?
What are Dragon and the Revolutionaries trying to accomplish?
What is Dragon’s Devil Fruit?
Will we witness the “Land of Little People” that Norland spoke of?
– A “LITTLE PEOPLE” listing seen on the slave auction flyer at Sabaody Archipelago suggests it likely exists.
Is Sabo alive?
– Dragon managed to save an unknown person who was “badly wounded”.
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