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   The Chimera Theory



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Question: How was Blackbeard able to obtain a second devil fruit power?

Theory: Blackbeard is genetically more than one person, a trait known as Chimerism.

Supporting points:

1) Zoro and Luffy refer to Blackbeard as: “It’s not he… it’s they”.

2) Blackbeard’s pirate flag has 3 skulls.

3) Shanks wants revenge against Blackbeard for causing the beast-like scar on his left eye.

4) Marco the Phoenix mentions Blackbeard’s body is “atypical”.


1) Zoro and Luffy may have been referring to Blackbeard’s crew.


Blackbeard may actually have 3 devil fruits.

– Paramecia (Quake Fruit) [Canon]

Logia (Darkness Fruit) [Canon]

– Zoan (???) [Speculation]