Ahem, anyhow. Have you ever found your brain melting from all the crazy shit going on in One Piece?

Fear not, because that is a common Oda-related symptom that afflicts millions of One Piece readers every week. Lucky for you however, is that you have discovered this awesome guide that will help you easily digest the wealth of info in each chapter. So if you’re ever feeling constipated, you know where to

But seriously, just go to the front page. I’ll usually have it updated 1 day after each new chapter, so in most cases, that’s Thursday evening.

Enjoy and feel free to share the guides with whomever you wish. 🙂

– The One Piece Guide

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Disclaimer: I do not necessarily endorse all the points on the chart. I merely bring to you valid fan speculation and points to keep in mind as you read One Piece. Unless you can provide me with supporting evidence to why a point should be added or removed, please send any personal attacks, butthurts, and asspains to Obama. Thank you.